Early Permanence Network

Coram’s Early Permanence Network supports the development of good practice in early permanence placements for young children in care proceedings nationwide.

In 2016/17, member agencies placed over 115 babies and young children in early permanence placements.

Early Permanence Network Days

Three times a year, Coram arranges Early Permanence Network Days so local authorities (LAs) and Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAAs) can meet to share learning, gain peer support and receive updates on research, legislation and practice. These cover topics including assessing and preparing Fostering for Adoption (FfA) carers, embedding FfA in Children’s Departments, legal updates, and managing contact in early permanence placements.

‘Adoption remains the best early permanence outcome for babies and young children who cannot be given the care they need within their own family network. For those children, every day matters and delay to achieving early permanence can be highly damaging’  Anthony Douglas, CEO Cafcass

Other benefits

  • Access to practice leaders
  • National quality assurance
  • Preparation for carers
  • Legal updates
  • Peer support
  • Preparation for Ofsted
  • Individual case consultation
  • Training and supervision for social work teams
  • Training and management services design for managers
  • Training and continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation for legal colleagues, the judiciary and panel
  • Prospective early permanence carers able to attend Coram’s information sessions for new enquirers and dedicated two-day training
  • Bespoke additional services including embedded partnership and management services, available by arrangement
Download Early Permanence Network leaflet 2020

Joining the Early Permanence Network

The basic membership fee is £150pa, which purchases one place at each of the three annual Network Days. Additional places of the three annual meetings can also be purchased for the price of £150 per participant.

Bespoke training can also be arranged to meet the specific needs of LAs, VAAs/RAAs, for example in training permanence panels or assessing dually approved carers.

“Essex Adoption Agency was very keen to develop an Early Permanence Programme. The advice and support we received from the Coram Early Permanence Centre was invaluable in helping us to develop our policies and practice in this area.  Network Days have provided a stimulating forum in which we can share best practice, bring our worries and benefit from practitioners and other related professionals presentations.  The practice in Essex is now firmly embedded, with over 30 children benefiting from being placed with dually approved carers, most from the point of reception into care.” – Essex Adoption Agency

Find out more

To enquire about network membership, please contact us using the details below.

Email: earlypermanence@coram.org.uk

Phone: 020 7520 0383