Early Permanence Conference

The forthcoming Early Permanence Conference on 26 October 2021 will be another virtual event to facilitate attendance and the topic of this conference will be:

Exploring some possibilities with regard to Early Permanence placements for older children.  

The presentation will be by Kate Knowles, Team Manager Concurrent Planning Service, and Linda McAllister, Concurrent Planning Contact Coordinator, both of the Concurrent Planning Project, Caritas Care and Adoption Matters North West.

Most Early Permanence Placements have been made on behalf of babies in care proceedings to facilitate early decision making.  However some agencies have made small numbers of placements of older children.  Kate Knowles and Linda McAllister will share their experience of such placements, including exploring which children may be suitable, and issues around preparation of these carers as well as supporting these placements.  Linda will share thinking around managing contact safely and in a supportive context.  They will also share some case examples to illustrate their experience.

As usual the morning session of the conference will be devoted to presentations and after lunch we will organise small group discussions and feedback in a plenary before ending at 3pm. 


11am Welcome and introductions – Jeanne Kaniuk, Consultant, Coram Early Permanence Centre

11.15am Presentations by Kate Knowles and Linda McAllister – exact timings to be announced

Time will be allowed between presentations for Q and A

12.45pm Lunch

1.15pm  Small group discussion

2.15pm  Feedback session

3pm  End

Please click here to book your places.  Agencies will know how many places you have paid for in your annual subscriptions.  Additional places can be purchase at £50 each.