The Legal Process and Early Permanence in Child Placement – 27th June 2019

You are invited to join us at Coram for another opportunity to be part of the early permanence legal seminar series in adoption.

The event is hosted by the London Courts and Coram Centre for Early Permanence supported by DfE funding and will be chaired by His Honour Judge Tolson QC, the Designated Family Judge for the Central Family Court.

The aim is to consider the role of the courts in decision making and hear from the experience of carers and recent research into early permanence.

The seminar offers topical exchange in the current policy context with and between leaders in the field, focusing on fostering for adoption and concurrent planning, the journey of carers, rights and duties towards birth families, contact, and clarity as to the legal process. It is underpinned by the new Practice Guidance The role of Fostering for Adoption in achieving early permanence for children and the recent update of longitudinal research into impact of concurrency planning.

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DateTuesday 27th June 2019
41 Brunswick Square